Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wine Industry Catches the Web Video Vibe

Aside from restaurants and hotels, I can't think of another industry which has so embraced online web video marketing the way the wine industry has. I guess all those things that make us feel glowy and happy lend themselves to contact highs on video. Or how else to describe the way web video is catching on.

The grandaddy of them all, Gary Vaynerchuk, who says his video blog WineLibraryTV has helped him to grow to a more than $50 million a year business.

He has:
• 90,000 followers on his video channel (and 733+ videos) since 2006
• 900,000 followers on Twitter

A great new story appeared on Gary, including news of his upcoming $1 million 10-book contract with a major publisher, in the NYTimes last week. You can read it here.

I've blogged earlier here about the Wine Guys at V. Sattui Winery (seen here)...

...as a brilliant web video marketing move.

Now my email inbox today brings news of the Wine Spectator's video contest - 70 videos vying for the top prize. Most look like they were professionally directed.

Here's a sample - a wine rap song, pitting Eastern makers against Western makers. Being from Oakland, I always find white rappers a bit strange, but still fun nonetheless. Another features a wine detective story, one is about kosher wine, and another spoofs Arnold Schwarzeneger and Charlie's Angels. My favorite is the old world wine versus new world wine, in the PC versus Mac spoof subgenre.

My only beef - video embedding not allowed (by Wine Spectator). Guys, get with it. Videos are supposed to be viral.

But carping aside, go see the entries and vote for your personal favorite. See here.

In the meantime, enjoy last year's grand prize winner here. Entitled Wine and the City, it's a parody of...you name it.

Want more? Visit the Wine Spectator's YouTube channel. 144 videos and counting.

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