Saturday, September 19, 2009

Traffic Geyser -Beyond Tube Mogul?

Web video marketing doesn't stand on its own - its tied to search engine optimization, social media distribution, and many other online marketing variables.

Last year, Tube Mogul was the biggest breakthrough in getting your video posted onto multiple video outlets - no more uploading videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. one by one. Tube Mogul handled all of these submissions for you at one time.

Now the web video distribution engine du jour is Traffic Geyser. TubeMogul distributes to about 15 sites - TG to 25-39 or more. TubeMogul is free. TG is $97 per month - that's about $1200 a year. What you are really paying for is Traffic Geyser's search engine optimization technology.

TG also separates the audio from your video and submits it to 16 podcast directories.

They also help you with video creation - for a fee.

A new feature announced on their blog converts your video to transcription - also for a fee of $100 per could go to elance and do much better (like $25 or less for someone in Sri Lanka or India to transcribe your video).

Learn more in Patricia Whitehead's YouTube video overview:

Visit Traffic Geyser to learn more about their product in four free videos they make available. They also offer a 30-day free pass.

Strangely, or smartly? enough, they don't have a company channel on YouTube. What does that tell you?

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Eric said...

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