Monday, November 3, 2008

After BizTech Day...A Real Viral Video Guru

A week later, reflecting on the conference and the speech by Blendtec's director of marketing George which he told the audience about his $50 video. (What he really means is he spent $50 on props - and probably closer to at least $50,000, having the help of the company's in-house video producer.) Since that's of dubious value to your typical small business person, who lacks an in-house video producer to come to their aid when they're feeling creative, perhaps we should look further afield for more viral video gurus.

Of course, that might lead one to the man who has carefully cultivated his reputation as the most famous Viral Video Guru, who has actually repeated the act, as one of YouTube's top ten comedians and marketing genius. Meet Kevin Nalts (in his own spoof video):

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