Friday, April 17, 2009

Social Media Marketing: Video Interview Process

I spent the afternoon visiting my new friend Andreas Weigend, professor at the Haas School of Business, who teaches a class in social media marketing and who consults and speaks on social data mining to corporations. He is the former chief scientist at

Today in his class he featured an interview with a former student Mark Choey who recently became a realtor and used social media to grow his firm rather dramatically. Mark Choey used a Wordpress blog to grow an informational site at and has since added Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Google chat to his social business arsenal. I was really struck - and reminded again! - of how incredible useful chat can be. See his home page on for the example.

Takeway #1: Certainly this could be useful for internal communications. Who knows why people don't want to pick up the phone and call, but having internal chat could be a great enhancer for internal communications.

Secondly, after the two hour class, Andreas and Mark did a video interview for both of their web sites on Choey's social media use as a business case study. I'll post the link when the video is edited and available online from Shaun Toi who has been shooting and editing videos for Andreas. (Andreas found Shaun by posting an ad on Craigslist, of course). Shaun works with a number of rappers, producing videos for them.

It was interesting to observe the process - one I have recommended but not seen someone else do which is to set up two tripods with two camcorders and therefore get two points of view, like a super-quick two cam shoot. See the photo to see what I mean. I am excited to see the final results.

Most importantly, you can hear and read transcripts of all of Andreas' class presentations in the Social Media Marketing class online at his website

An interesting note: Weigend has his own sound equipment, which includes two wireless mikes, and does all the recording of his talks and interviews with his own audio equipment so he can post it on the web. We are grateful to you, Andreas, for sharing what you know - and for being a great role model in this way.

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