Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Favorite Web Video Creation Tool: Visual Communicator

Combine a FLIP camcorder with Adobe's Visual Communicator and what have you got? All the makings of a Do It Yourself video network. It's so easy, even a child could use it - and that's just what's happening.

I've often thought Adobe's intro video overview of Visual Communicator was sadly lacking, in terms of really showing off the program. You can also find a pretty amateurish video on YouTube that reviews it, as well. But today I finally discovered the best source of all: hidden away on Adobe's web site is a great webinar, which gives you a very useful, in-depth view of just how the application - which is used by thousands of schools, businesses, and organizations - works.

See the Adobe Visual Communicator webinar video here.

One caveat: just because this webinar is filled with educators who want to use the product, don't think it's just for kids. Hardly! It's my favorite business news tool. Read about one of the first stories to break on this technology originally written in the Washington Post.

I invited the original creators of Visual Communicator to speak at a vendor fair for internal communnications back in 2005 (at Wells Fargo) and during three days of presentations, the Visual Communicator product demo was the only one to receive an enthusiastic, unequivocal thumbs up - and a standing ovation!


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